For JD, Good Luck At School

I really want to take a shower
But I am waiting for you to call.
You are supposed to crash at my place tonight
And then tomorrow morning we are going to
Wake up early
And drive upstate
And you are going to work on your sculpture
And I am going to photograph you.
I think I might take a picture of you working.
And then you will drive me to the train station
And Ill go back to New York
And you will go back to Connecticut.

You just called.
You are out with some guys, you say
Planning a show in a couple weeks
And want to know if you are imposing.
No, I say, do what you gotta do
And call me when you are done.
We are artists.
I understand.
When things happen,
Listen, follow, be patient.

So I will hear from you later.
I wrote this, so now Ill put down the pen
And have a beer and maybe read or watch T.V.
Until you call again.