Love Over Beers

Last night I talked about love
over some beers with a friend.
He said something so simple
that it blew me away.
A true love never ends, he explained.
We will always be together,
we are forever bound by
memory and experience.

In 20 years from now
when you are driving
your child
to the store
something will take over you.
You will drift away from the reailty
of that car and into another world.

You are 25 again.
You find youself
walking down the street
and you feel something in your hand.
You look down and discover that
you are holding hands with someone.
You follow that hand as it turns into
an arm, a shoulder, a neck and up into a face.

And there I am.
Smiling down at you.
As we walk to dinner that evening,
talking and laughing the whole time,
you feel the passion and love
even in the way I hold your hand.