Stop Thinking!

I have been on a week long shoot in an office building in Maryland. There is not a minute that goes by that I do not love my life more and more and thank the powers that be that I am somehow able to be free and live a life as an artist. Some of the experiences I have had here in the office environment have been some of the biggest displays of boredom and pure thoughtlessness that I have ever encountered. Sometimes I think I am an alien in this world, or perhaps everyone else is an alien and I am one of the few humans left. Like on that show Alien Nation that was on Fox forever ago where the world was cohabited by aliens (remember with those speckles on their head) and humans. Sometimes I feel like I am one of the humans on that show but most of us have died off for one reason or another and I somehow am one of the few survivors. Blah Blah Blah, anyway, here are some blurbs that have been on my mind recently for one reason or another this week...

'We as humans, have the tendency to want to categorize things. When encountering something new, we will try to place it into one or more categories, and are far more apt to go with pre-established categories than to invent new ones. Not only do we have a general fear of the unknown, we also have a general avoidance of allowing a thing to remain wholly unknow. One of our most common dimensions for attaching labels involves assessing the danger of something and thus declaring something "good" or "bad," "desired" or "dangerous."'
-Sean A. Day

"Ecstasy is any passion by which thoughts are absorbed and in which the mind is lost for time."

"Reason is just the endless paperwork of the mind. The heart of our creativity is our direct experience."

-Richard Cytowic

"Creativity is an experience not an abstract idea, and a mind that incessantly analyzes what is there impedes that experience."

"Lend your ears to the music, open your eyes to the painting and .... STOP THINKING! Just ask yourself if the work has enabled you to walk about into a hitherto unknown world."