The Light Bulb Salesman With A Suit And A Big Red Jeep

I have to admit Charles, there was a time I lied to you. It was a meaningless lie, but if I told you the truth it would have ruined everything...We were driving down Lexington one rainy and cold late November morning. As we waited for the red light to change we watched a man in a suit in the rain going through the boxes in the trunk of his big red Jeep. You pointed out that the boxes were filled with light bulbs and you grew so happy as you proclaimed that the man was a light bulb salesman with a big red Jeep and a suit and that those must have been expensive or special bulbs. But as we turned the corner when the light changed I looked back and noticed the that boxes were filled with pharmaceutical samples and this man in a suit worked for a pharmaceutical company and unfortunately was not a light bulb salesman. I dared not share my discovery with you, it would have ruined everything-our drive, our morning, our conversation, the moment we were in.