Work In Progress: We Fly With Our Own Wings

Since I have started this blog it has focused primarily on writing and images. This year I have been working on two projects that are a combination of stories and photographs. I have shared some images from the series "All My Life I Have Had The Same Dream" and I will continue to do so on this blog. The other series, "We Fly With Our Own Wings," has at times been very hard to share and a challenge to stay focused on. The project is a series of portraits and stories of those who have had a near death experience (which I have had, I include myself in the series) and how that experience has been a nucleus for positive change in one’s life. This body of work explores the power of resiliency and the courage that reveals itself at the worst moment in a person’s life. I have collected the stories of what happened that night and then asked my subjects how that experience has changed their life. This series honors those who have refused to be a victim as it examines storytelling as a method of orientation, a connection between the past and present and a way to make sense of ourselves through experience.