And Life Is Life

A day off. I am sitting on my couch watching my favorite old French film, lying on the pillow my friend the sculptor slept on last night and I can smell his dirty hair on this pillow. This morning we walked to a diner near my apartment and had breakfast. I choose to sit on the side of the booth where the sun was shinning and have the morning glare in my eyes. I sipped coffee and had a muffin with butter. My friend had french toast. Last night we went out to the bars and had beers and tried to pick up women but it was a rainy Monday night and no one was in the mood. After breakfast we said goodbye and went our own ways. Back in my apartment as I was about to take a piss I looked out the bathroom window that my friend had opened this morning when he showered. Across the yard in the next apartment building over I saw into another apartment through the open curtains in the window. A woman was sitting up in bed with the covers tucked into her armpits as she talked on the phone. She let out this wonderful wild laugh that echoed into the courtyard. I watched her for a moment. Soon the bright light from the sun peaking up over the roof and into my eyes obstructed my view and I couldnt see her anymore. I thought there was something nice about being naked in bed under the covers at 1:37 on a Tuesday afternoon laughing on the phone and having another man curiously watch you through his window. I am enjoying my day off. And life is life.

Note: The above image was given to me in New Orleans by a fellow wanderer who at the time was renting a room in a friend's apartment and doing construction. One summer night we were drinking beers when he learned that I took pictures. He took me back to his room and showed me album after album of some of the best photographs I have ever seen. The pictures were all taken on his travels and journeys. The image above was taken in Cuba, and when I told him I loved it, he took it out of the album and gave it to me. This photograph means a great deal to me and I have it framed in my apartment. Whenever I look at it I am reminded of the spirit of the journeyman. Whenever you are wanderer, I hope you are still flicking it up.