Notes From Baltimore, Part 2

Another page from my journals written while photographing in Baltimore:
Is America killing itself ? Urban decay. Baltimore...a city with more abandoned homes than I have ever seen. It is literally a city that is half there. Rotting. Flight-where have the people gone? Row after row of abandoned homes, no businesses, no food stores, you are lucky if you find some fast food place or a liquor store. Here, there are no resources, no playgrounds. Community? Or just a collection of what we push and sweep under the carpet and would like to forget about? Flight-but also re-emergence, gentifrication, the parents who fled the city decades ago now their children all grown up are moving back to the the same place their parents abandoned, a real estate wet dream. Economic boom...restaurants with a nice weekend brunch menu soon follow the big salaries, then the shops and boutiques, then the grocery stores, etc etc, a constant ebb and flow.