Having Your Ass Handed To You

One of the most valuable experiences I have had is getting beat up by three guys. Several years ago after a night of drinking I was walking home setting off car alarms when I noticed three guys following me and they kept getting closer and closer. Being drunk and thinking I was a tough guy, I turned around to these guys who were now just a few steps behind me and I said something like, you got a problem? Before I could finish my question, I was on the street getting my face kicked in by three guys with Timberlands. Somehow I found the will to get myself up, push one of the guys back, make a fist and swing a left hook with all I had in me and somehow knock the second guy out cold. This really pissed off the third guy who then started to chase me down street. My nose broken, my face covered in blood and my shirt all ripped up, somehow I managed to get a cab and escape. Getting a good beat down keeps you honest. No bullshit. You realize who you are. Being able to see yourself in a new light, a part of yourself you never were able to see before, to accept and take responsibility for all of your mistakes and fuck ups will set you free. To find forgiveness within your self.