You Heard It Here First

Here's how I see it, Hatton with a split decision victory. Mayweather will dominate the early rounds with a barrage of lightning fast blistering jabs with the occasional combination if Hatton opens himself up, which he tends to do when he winds up for those famous bodyshots. Hatton has to be careful here and could get himself hurt because Mayweather is very precise and crafty with those brittle hands of his and made De La Hoya look like a child. Once things settle down, Hatton will go to work. Based on what I've seen from his training on HBO's 24/7, Hatton seems like he's in great shape and really wants this, in which case for him to pull this whole thing off, he has to capitalize on his strength (power punch body shots) and Mayweather's weakness (fighting off the ropes). Hatton will win the middle and late rounds by getting Mayweather against the ropes and unleashing an assault of power shots to the body. It will be a good one my friends. And I promise a re-match.