"The Bigger The Lie, The More They Believe"

The Fifth season of The Wire has begun. The Wire is the greatest book ever written. But somehow the medium it is expressed in isn't words on paper, instead, it is the vision that exists inside your head as you read it, it's what you see and hear, it's what you dream about, it's what's you stare off into space thinking about on your way to work. And sheeeeeeeeet why has the greatest show to ever appear on television never won an Emmy? Why does no one pay attention to this show? I don't buy, "It's too real to watch." The real answer to me is the same answer when I ask myself why do none of these actors have flourishing successful careers? The largely African-American cast is stacked full with young, talented and gifted actors, why is The Wire one of the only shows/films to have complex, fully developed African-American characters, regardless of what side of the law they are on, I'm talking about human. Hmmm, perhaps the answer is....racism. How ironic that the story and history of The Wire could seemingly be one of the tragic stories featured on the show. Ahhh, America.