The Lament Of Orpheus

My new series of photographs The Lament Of Orpheus is now online. This series was made in a South Boston boxing gym owned and operated by former Golden Gloves champ Peter Welch who went on to have an undefeated professional career. After retiring from the sport Peter dabbled in Hollywood (he had a small role in The Departed among others) and made a name for himself and his beliefs training some of the big name Ultimate Fighting guys. Peter grew up in the Old Colony projects in South Boston and has now returned to the same neighborhood he grew up in and devotes his life giving back to the sport that saved him and gave him a chance in life. Peter is a community leader, he is committed to making a change in the kids lives who walk through those sacred gyms doors, by educating kids about proper nutrition to dealing with peer pressure and making decisions that will keep them off the streets and out of jail, boxing is a way of life. When I first met with Peter I was blown away by his story and the mission of his gym. This is what boxing is all about for me. In this series I honor the inner journey of the boxer, the fight and struggle within, the nucleus for change.