The Sadness Of Men

Phil Perkis was one of the greatest photography teachers I ever had. He has a reputation for being the best photo teacher in New York City and over the years he has developed a cult following among his former students. Several years ago Phil published a book based on his teachings called Teaching Photography Notes Assembled. It is one of my favorite books and every year or so I return to it and spend the night rereading it. After Phil's class I would usually need a couple of hours to myself to absorb everything that went down, I would either go to the photo library and pull a ton of books and find a corner with no one around and disappear into the world of each book. Other times I walk around till my legs burned drinking endless coffee floating through the streets.

The other day I was at the bookstore and it gave me great joy to discover that Phil's photographs are finally published in the monograph The Sadness Of Men. Part of what makes Phil such a great teacher is that he is not all talk, his images are some of the most poignant and heartbreaking that I have ever seen (posted are some of my favorites). Without Phil my photographs would not be the same.
More to come...