The Road To Marfa

On my way through Texas to Marfa. Donald Judd moved from New York City to Marfa in 1972. I have been dying to explore Marfa for years and finally I get my wish. In Marfa you will find the Chinati Foundation, The Lights, The Judd Foundation, among others. The two best films of 2007, "There Will Be Blood" and "No Country For Old Men," where shot there, it was also the inspiration for the fall 2008 Proenza Schouler collection.

The journey there has been filled with the usual craziness I seem to find no matter where I go. On my first day out of Houston I caught the end of South By Southwest in Austin and explored the city, seeing, thinking, letting the place sink in. The next day I woke up before the sun came out and set out to make some pictures. As I was setting up a shot a car pulled up and a man got out and came over to me. At first he was very aggressive, drunk, high and unpredictable, so I made some jokes and smiled and we got to talking. He admitted that he was going to rob me but, now, he said, he liked me and asked if I would take his picture. Sure. He insisted that I include his 40 in the shot and he would not sit still and sometimes would spit beer out. I kept telling him to take a breath, relax, be yourself. But perhaps he had lost himself years ago? What is it about the outskirts of town that I always find myself doing work? Is it that I grew up watching my back, always getting jacked or stuck up because I was the white kid with a skateboard or a Tommy jacket or whatever? Somehow I guess we all revisit our childhood, but I dont really think that is it. Anyway. Whatever.