The Blueprint, No, Reasonable Doubt.

The first construction job I ever had was tearing down the Philadelphia Civic Center. We were doing 10s tearing down the roof and at the end of each day I was covered in dirt and mud head to toe. I was usually too busy working to notice that my face would also be covered in dirt and mud. One day as we were finishing up and putting our tools away Freddy looked down at me and started screaming in my face, "What's up nigga?! What's up nigga?! Nigga! Nigga! How does it feel! Look at you! You're a nigga!" I guess I thought Freddy was joking around as he always did until I looked around and saw everyones face, no one was laughing. I was the only white guy on that roof. I assume someone snitched (maybe they were looking out for me) to the bosses about what happened and the next morning they took me off the roof and had me working with an Engineer picking rebar out of a Bobcat. I hated that shit, I belonged on the roof. So I went up to the foreman who assigned me the job and told him that shit was easy. After lunch I was I told to get back on that roof. Me and Freddy ended up being best friends on the job that summer, we would talk about anything and everything as we worked, but we probably argued more about things, like which Jay-Z album was better or which Frosted Flakes Tony The Tiger commercial was better, and then we just laughed it off. Freddy saved my life once when I was dangling from a drain pipe Sawzalling an electrical line that was not turned off and sparks went shooting everywhere as the line raced around and I hung upside down with my legs wrapped around the pipe. I miss the job site.