Top Ten: A New Series

A new series on this blog will feature the top ten lists of special guests. I have asked my guests to create a list of ten. Like all Will Steacy projects there are never any rules and this list can be interpreted any which way and go in any direction. The fun is in the creation. A while back I discussed the things that artists are less known for, while not recognized by many, these efforts, influences, hobbies, interests and regular practices are incredibly important spokes in the wheel. These top ten lists explore the the things that exist at the end and the beginning, the ingredients that make a complete circle and without them the other would probably not exist, whether it is Mailer making movies, Schnabel designing bed frames and stores (he designed the A.P.C. store) or Slimane taking pictures of rock bands.

To introduce this series here is my top ten:

10-Levis LVC 1947 jean. A jean that has single handedly shaped and influenced American culture for nearly half a decade. This jean is still relevant today. From Miles Davis to Jackson Pollock to all the tough guys with a pack of cigs rolled in their t-shirt to the Williamsburg hipster, never has a piece of clothing represented youth culture, rock & roll, rebelling and being cool. I have 3 pairs. Get yours now while the getting is good.

9-The Wire DVD seasons 1-4. You can all cancel your HBO and cable subscriptions now, the greatest show ever made is now off the air. Don’t get me started. All I will say is this, turn off the news there is no reality there, turn off the talk shows those people don’t exist, stop watching the fluffy formulaic movies and TV shows, and enjoy Greek tragedy, Shakespeare and the reality of the modern day city in the greatest acting and writing of this decade.

8-My glasses. Lately I have been getting daily complements on my frames. I fucking love em. Apparently so do some others..

7-The blogs. I am addicted. But so are many many many others. The power of the blog has not yet been realized to its full potential, but it is close. The blog will do for information and accesiblity within communities such as the art world what eBay has done for junk, vintage and limited edition street wear.

6-Roasting plant coffee. You wont find a better cup of coffee in New York. Dead serious.

5-Smiling. Walk down the street and smile at a random person and do it with sincerity. The smile is contagious, that person will instantly feel good, confident and suddenly happy, and they too will smile, and they will then smile at someone else, creating my smiling domino effect manifesto, making the world a better place.

4-Smoking my dead grandfathers pipe. My grandfather was a writer and painter and could usually be found reading and smoking. He wrote his daily journals in red ink in the margins of his books. My father has his library. Yes, future project. He died before I was born and is someone I feel connected to and wished I could have met.

3-The waiter at Corner Bistro. He comes up to the table and stands there with pen and pad in hand. He is ready. There is no wasting time here, no fake smiles and reason to use words when not necessary. So you blurt out what you want, "Bistro Burger, medium rare, fries and two Buds." He looks you in the eye and nods. He turns to the next person. When he is done he walks away. Three minutes later the beer is on the table. Absolute perfection.

2-Nail biters, thumb rubbers and cuticle scrapers. You guys always keep me entertained on the subway or in line or at the airport. I could watch your nervous anxious behavior for hours.

1-Old wooden New York City water towers. The only thing that will keep my in New York for a while is to finally hire an architect and help me realize my dream. To convert a water tower into either my studio or an apt, preferably both, two water towers on the same building.