Expectation Vs. Reality, 2

I have been traveling lately trying to understand what it means to be American. I have been doing my best to become an American, I have been eating, driving, dressing, talking, etc like an American, watching how Americans talk to each other, how they think, how they react, what they say behind closed doors, etc. What does it mean to be American? What have we become? What is our future? Are we realizing that everything we have allowed ourselves to become in the past 30 years is going to slowly kill us? Have we dug our own grave and are we now polishing the casket?

I am sitting at Denny's after just eating a Grand Slam breakfast and working on my 7th cup of coffee. What do we really think about others, of different race, nationality, sexual orientation, gender or class? Why is it we are where we are right now, on the brink of a fast downhill ride with no brakes. And all of a sudden somehow we find ourselves here???? On the verge of recession? Its lies and cover ups. I remember 3 years ago having a conversation with my best friend, granted, yes, he went to Harvard business school, and worked in the business world, about the decline of the dollar, how the dollar keeps becoming less and less and as Congress passes this and that giving out more and more money to save the economy, really it only feeds the fire, making the dollar even more worthless, it all becomes a big game of monopoly (8th cup of coffee). Straight to jail, do not pass Go, do not collect $200. Man Oh man.