5.6 @ 1 Second, Or Better Known As Fuck The Rules

Maybe I never paid attention at school when they were explaining how to take a picture (or whatever it is they do at the first year of art school (how do you tell someone how to take a picture??!!!)), but most people look at me like I am an idiot when I tell them most of my portraits are at f5.6 at one second. I don't know man, I was never good at the rules.

I think they also say something about using a lens shade and not shooting into the sun.

At a recent Todd Hido lecture at Aperture, Hido shared some of his printing techniques. In the darkroom, he approaches the print as a painter and really explores color and how it defines the image, making numerous prints in various color directions. He showed the audience some of his prints from his House Hunting book and the images printed correctly next to the images WAY too red or WAY too yellow and how he ultimately got to his final print (go to his website and look at the houses at night series). Those way too red and yellow and cyan images are fucking perfect. Hido really showed me something that night.