Shelley Rice's Top Ten

Shelley Rice is an art critic and historian who teaches in both the Photography and the Art History Departments at New York University.

Ten Days in a Life

"What I like about my endless lists: they level everything. Some of these appointments are practical; others are important business appointments or trips. Some of the people are famous artists, editors or writers, others are in service professions. One of them is my cat, and another is actually getting married at the scheduled time. The idea of a Top Ten becomes amusing in this context, and is almost negated by the onslaught of Trivia."

10.Friday: Write

9. Saturday: Write
Feed Birds

8. Sunday: Asia Arrives 12:30
Dinner: Claudio's

7. Monday: Library (return book, print essay)

6. Tuesday: Jitney 11:50
Jen (keys, orchid)
Diane 6:00

5. Wednesday: Nancy 8:30
Gym class 10:00
Allison/Linda/Berlioz 6:00

4. Thursday: Borja 11:00
Sergio 2:00

3. Friday: Rob and Clewert 7:00

2. Saturday:Laundry
Lorie 6:00

1. Sunday: C/A leave for Australia
Mary 3:30