The Genius Of Roy Ferdinand

Some of my work from New Orleans is featured in the current issue of Triple Canopy which is entirely devoted to New Orleans. There is a lot of interesting and intelligent work showcased here that far surpasses the usual run of the mill New Orleans stuff on the anniversary of Katrina and it deserves a look.

The diamond in this issue is the feature on the life and work of Roy Ferdinand. While the harsh reality of the streets may be the subject, his compositions seem to draw great influence from Renaissance painting as they throw the viewer right there into the mix. The sophistication and beauty in each scene take you by the hand and don't ever let go as you run and dance your whole way through. There is a sense of reality and first hand experience that oozes from all of Ferdinand's work, you can trust him as he takes you along his journey.

"My story began a long time ago. Thirty-eight years to be exact. My name is Roy Ferdinand and in these following pages, I will try to give you an idea of what my life has been like. I make no claims to importance or fame. But I will tell you, whomever should read this, I’m so incredibly saddened by the current turn of events. "

-From the sketchbook of Roy Ferdinand