Usually What's Worth Having Is Hard To Keep

Lately I have been feeling that belt tightening that two thirds of America is feeling. My landlord just told me he is going to raise my rent $600 a month basically because he can. Shit baby I cant afford that, guess I need to find a new place to live. Don't really know how, I aint got first, last, security and a broker fee lying around. And all the Wall Street and insurance company executives get to sail away on their yachts? Fuck that! What about me? What about the taxpayers, what about the middle class and working families? What about the people who ARE America? Why not save us? This government of ours is truly in the spotlight, will they give handjobs under the table to all the CEOs as they tell the media they have devised a bailout plan to save our economy, or will they do their job and serve the people and forget about those campaign donations and lobbyists?

Last week after the Obama opening I went to my friend's "I got laid off" party, and chances are you also know someone who was one of the 84,000 who lost their job last month. And 10 billion a month is spent in Iraq? 10 billion? Sheeeeeeet, putting aside this insurance and Wall Street bailout, thats enough to rebuild our school system and give everyone decent healthcare. The dollar is going to shit because of this; ask any economist. If any of you reading this actually have any money put it in gold, put it in foreign currency. China and other countries in 20 years are pretty much going to own our country with all of the help we are back room begging them for so why not invest in them. The deficit we are in now, does money even mean anything anymore? Shit my four maxed out credit cards start to seem like nothing in this Monopoly money world, why not get another couple cards and hit the road and shoot for a couple months, my thousands aint shit to those trillions, and shit Donald Judd died with 4 million in debt.

And the debate tomorrow is cancelled? Are you kidding me? Hey John, too busy watching over Palin and keeping her away from the media, you cant have a debate and do your job as a Senator at the same time? Oh, are you tired, do you need a rest, how about a cold glass of water and a back rub, why not tell wifey to call up the club and have your yacht ready and you can sail away with your buddies?