Shawn Records's Top Ten

I met Shawn Records a couple weeks ago when he came to New York. We met at Aperture and then got some beers with a bunch of other photographer people. Shawn is a photographer and has a blog too, be sure to check both out.

"Ten things I recently learned from this box of stuff I brought back from my grandmother's garage, now that she's in a nursing home:"

10: Wilma played basketball:

9: Oak Creek Colorado has amazing rainbows:

8: The Boy is a whole Menagerie:

7: A Log:

6: My great-grandmother (?) liked weddings, flowers, and puzzles:

5: Weippe?:

4: Stan played the tuba:

3: Kenneth's team was 7 & 5 that year:

2: I don't know exactly what it is, but there's definitely something to learn from this:

1: He that perseveres will conquer at last: