Vote!! Tell Everyone You Know To Vote!!!

This election means a great deal and its outcome will determine the direction our country goes at one of the most crucial times in American history. Be a good American and take part in electing our leader! Do not think that just because Obama is ahead in these unpredictable polls that it's all good and you would much rather get a cold one than wait in line for two hours, you must vote!

To be honest, I think that most politicians are power hungry slime bags and havent seen real life that they claim they understand so well in ages. Barack Obama showed me he did not fit this mold two years ago when I photographed him in New Orleans. He was still a Senator then but everyone pretty much knew he was going to run for president. A community group that was doing some good things in NOLA hired me to come down and photograph the speech that he would give in a Treme church. He flew down from Chicago early that morning and toured the city and spoke with residents. He didn't let the media know about this trip which surely would have been great press, instead, he wanted to see the city for himself and speak with residents without any distractions. When he arrived to the church he introduced himself, we said some words and then he disappeared for nearly an hour. I thought this was a bit peculiar and was kinda pissed off because I was supposed to be getting shots. After about a half hour I went up to one of his aides and asked him, "what's up, the heat get him?" "No," the aide informed me, "he is on the phone with his family," and went on to tell me that,"no matter where he is or what he is doing Senator Obama always talks with his family for at least an hour a day." Obama, you had my vote right then and there baby.