When Photographers Make Films

I recently watched David LaPachelle's Rize and I couldn't stop thinking about the Robert Polidori quote posted on Alec Soth's blog sometime ago. When Soth asked "Where are the people?" in reference to the plethora of images taken in a post Katrina New Orleans and many comments were made about Polidori's work, which is devoid of people, Polidori responded saying he believes, "That you should take stills of what doesn’t seem to move, and take movies or videos of does. It’s my opinion that people come off better in movies." I was fascinated by this statement then and I still am today. I have had an idea for a short film for some time now and like all of my projects, when I can't not do it any longer and the ideas and vision have consumed me, I give in and let the new project take me. Lately I have needed a break from photography, sometimes I get sick of talking about it, sick of the shows, sick of all the gossiping and phoniness, etc, and it takes away from the purity of it for me, just the simple beauty of seeing and creating. I am in the early stages of writing a screen play and am very excited about diving into a new medium, all instinct and guts.