The Last Days Of Gourmet

Kevin DeMaria, my good friend, my homie, my main man, my brother from another mother and my best drinking buddy was an Art Director at Gourmet Magazine and took these beautiful photographs in final days at the magazine. Please visit the site The Last Days of Gourmet to see all the images.

"October 5th, 2009 In shock and disbelief, using garbage pails for long exposures, I took these photos of the last days at Gourmet. Although at times it was hard for me to shoot the common places in the offices at Gourmet, I knew I needed to document where I loved working for the last 8 years. It was a unique opportunity to have worked with such amazingly talented people in such a friendly work environment. Gourmet became my family and I will always look back proud to have been part of such an amazing magazine."
- Kevin DeMaria

Kevin also has an amazing collection of vintage photographs and more of his photographs can be seen here, here, here and here.