I am thrilled to have a bunch of photographs from my work in New Orleans featured in the opening sequence of David Simon's new HBO series Treme which premieres April 11. Everyone who reads this blog probably knows how much of a Wire fan I am and how much I admire and respect David Simon and it is a great honor to be a part of his new series. Everyone who reads this blog probably also knows how much New Orleans means to me. Sometimes it is difficult for me to express in words the way I feel about New Orleans without going on and on, but I tell people who have never been there before that I have been all over America and New Orleans is unlike any other city I have been and every time I am there it feels more and more like home and gets harder and harder to leave. Simon eloquently describes this feeling in a recent Times article and it is fucking dead on:

“There's a thing about being capable of a great moment. This city is capable of moments unlike any moments you’ll ever experience in life. To see an Indian come down the street in full regalia on St. Joseph’s Night on an unlit street of messed-up shotgun houses and one burned-out car, and he’s the most beautiful thing on the planet, and everything around him is falling down. It’s a glorious instant of human endeavor. It’s duende from the Spanish, chills on the back of your neck, and then the next minute it’s gone. Lots of American places used to make things. Detroit used to make cars. Baltimore used to make steel and ships. New Orleans still makes something. It makes moments. I don’t mean that to sound flippant, and I don’t mean it to sound more or less than what it is, but they’re artists with a moment, they can take a moment and make it into something so transcendent that you’re not quite sure that it happened or that you were a part of it.”

A big thank you Karen for making this all happen.