New Book - Out Now! Down These Mean Streets

After a long journey, the book is finally done!!!!

With two weeks to Election Day we approach this critical juncture in our nation's history at a time when the majority of Americans no longer believe the American Dream is attainable.  As we ponder our path forward I share with you my first monograph Down These Mean Streets published by b.frank books.  In a collage composed of photographs from the Mean Streets series, newspaper and magazine clippings, journal entries, and various material referencing American society, I present the story of the American Dream told through the eyes of the forgotten, those who have been left behind in the ashes of the Great Recession.  This visual narrative offers a close examination of the past 4 years and events from the past century that led us here: the post-WWII manufacturing prosperity from 1947-1973, economic policies of the Reagan administration, and how September 11th changed a nation forever.  With this work it is my intention to hold a mirror to America as our future will be determined by how well we are able to look inward at ourselves and accept the truth.  It is vital that we do not repeat the failures of our past and that we acknowledge and take responsibility for the consequences of the actions and decisions that lead us where we are today.

Down These Mean Streets
Will Steacy
9.6 x 12.1 inches
Hardcover, 112 pages
Isbn 978-3-936300-80-2
b.frank books, 2012
First Edition of 400