Bus Rides

I remember in Middle School taking the bus home. I went to a private school that was comprised of mostly rich white kids and was located in a rough mostly black neighborhood in Philly. I am white but not rich, my mother taught at the school so I could attend for free. I liked to cut school some days and I would take the bus home and enjoy myself while all the other suckers went to class. When I got on the bus, I would be the only white person and the other teenagers would stare me down as I walked up the aisle to find a seat. I would usually look down or pretend not to have noticed the stare, not making eye contact or it was a sure confrontation. The whole ride home I would stare at the floor or if I was lucky enough to get a window seat, stare out the window. I remember feeling so uncomfortable on those bus rides and how as teenagers we can be so self aware. When I got home to my empty house I usually made myself a snack and would read or watch T.V. alone until it got dark and someone would come home and I would have to talk to them.