Intersections: A New Series

Intersections is a new and on-going series I will be featuring on this blog. It is a collection of brief moments from our everyday lives that are so perfect and simple and yet so often overlooked or quickly forgotten about in the daily hustle and bustle. They only last a second, but they make your whole day if you stop and allow yourself to feel them. I have called this series intersections because like when driving down a road and you come to a stop sign, you slow down a bit, but you don't stop, you shake your head one way and then the other to see if anything is coming and then you speed up again and are on your way. These are the moments I freeze and re-live in slow motion. The intersections of our lives are that little gentle pinch that we almost can't feel, you have to focus on the sting to really feel it, that make all the difference. Since I seem to be on the driving and cars theme, here is the first Intersection:

Perhaps most of us did this as children, but I still do it. Closing your eyes as you stick your arm out the window on a long drive down the highway and feeling the air grab hold of your skin as you glide your hand up and down pretending it is an airplane wing.