Stick Up Kids Is Out To Tax

Late last night while working on some new images for an upcoming portfolio review I heard a crash outside. It caught my attention because it did not sound like the usual crash, someone slamming a car door shut, a trash can falling over, etc, etc, there was something alarming about this particular loud thump, so I stuck my head out of my third floor window. On the sidewalk below, two women had tackled a man, pinned him on his back as one of the women held a gun to his face and barked, "Where is the money! Where is the money!" while the other searched his pockets. I watched for a second or two and then realized this was actually happening. I called the police. While reporting the robbery to the operator, the two women threatened the man that he better not even think of calling the police or they would kill him. I was instantly taken back to the time when I lay on ground with a gun to my head and my life lay in the hands of the gunman. (My story was posted several weeks ago on this blog as part of an on-going project titled, We Fly With Our Own Wings)