Blogging With The Stars

Lately I have been reading way too many blogs when I should be working. I am not gonna front, this blog thing can get addictive. Are all these photo blogs the US Weekly of the fine art photography world? I mean I used to sneer when I saw some chick in Ugg boots and Juicy Couture sweats at the airport reading her US Weekly as if it was the greatest book ever written, but, sheeeeeeet, I diligently read all the gossip about who's working on this, saying this in that interview, releasing this book and showing at that gallery and everything else that circulates on the photo blogs. I mean what's the difference really? Not to go off on a tangent here, but as much as we would like to think of ourselves (the interesting thinking outside the box artists blah blah) otherwise, our world today nurtures the inner voyeur in all of us and grants unlimited access into whatever world he/she wants to explore. So is Alec Soth the Brad Pitt US Weekly photo blog equivalent? Amy Stein=J. Lo? Jorg Colberg=David Beckham? Shane Lavalette=Justin Timberlake? Laurel Ptak=Britney Spears? Brian Ulrich=Ben Affleck? Amy Elkins=Angelina Jolie? Christian Patterson=Ashton Kutcher? Tim Barber=Kevin Federline? Zoe Strauss=Mary Kate Olsen? Cara Phillips=Jessica Simpson? Miguel Garcia-Guzman=Leonardo DiCaprio? Richard Renaldi=Mark Wahlberg? Noel Rodo-Vankeulen=Jake Gyllenhaal?

This is all in good fun and I hope no one takes offense to their Hollywood celebrity equivalent, no beef, baby, no beef. As I head down to FotoFest and hit the road afterwards I will have limited access to the internet and I will miss all my photo blogs....