Simon Greenberg's Top Ten

Simon Greenberg is a guy I went to college with.

"Top 10 things that came to mind at 4:58 on May 27, 2008."

10. There's not a whole lot in this world less tolerable than whining.

9. Invisible Conga People might be the illest band name in a while.

8. If Santa's party house is "the final frontier" I'll go ahead and stick to the standbys.

7. Have you ever randomly googled people from high school? I never thought I would be that bored, but recently I was.

6. Swedish women again. sorry.

5. Oh shit Will I'm finally moving. On Sunday. It's wild to think that if my memories pretty much start at 10 years old, I've spent half my life there.

4. Seeing straight through a small child's cognitive process is pretty much the meaning of life encapsulated.

3. Scandanavia was the first two things that happened on this list. Damn maybe i need to finally get over there.

2. Spending an afternoon surrounded by Swedish women will make you look at shit a little bit differently.

1. Fuck this new Paavoharju record is insane. And I'm not just saying that on some "it's cool because you don't know what it is and can't pronounce it" shit.