Nadia Baram's Top Ten

Nadia is a freelance photographer and picture editor at zonezero.com. She is based off Mexico City but really likes to wander. She can be reached at nbaram@gmail.com

"Top 10 people I would like to invite to dinner"

10. Pedro Amodovar - We can both dress in drag, and toast to our neurosis....

9. Keith Richards- I just want to be able to stare at him from up-close

8. Patty Hearst

7. Elsa Pataky- she is just hot! & Mae West, she will fill in the uncomfortable silences

6. Robert Capa & Gerda Taro- I would like to ask them how those negatives ended up in Mexico?

5. The Coen brother that talks

4. The guy who invented triscuit crackers- how can they be so good?

3. David Sedaris. No need to explain, I would go anywhere with David Sedaris. Even sitting next to him in the subway would be a treat

2. Edward Hopper- I simply love his work

1. A double date with Woody Allen and Camille Paglia. Maybe have them prepare lobsters Annie Hall style; just watching them would be a ball, we wouldn't have to worry about eating afterwards