Sidelined With A Broken Arm

Yup. I'll be watching from the sidelines for the next couple weeks with a broken arm. So I spent Wednesday in the emergency room with what I assumed was a broken arm given that I was in excruciating pain and couldn't move my arm. I waited hours in the packed waiting room watching the paranoid New Yorkers who all thought they had the swine flu. Half of them had masks and the other half who didnt wouldnt go near them, one big game of keep away, shirts vs skins. I eventually grew bored of this and then remembered that several months ago I sat in this very same seat in the wee hours of the morning with my face mangled and covered in blood after being on the losing end of a bar fight. I have health insurance and pay a shit load each month for it, yet for some reason I have recently been getting bills from creditors wanting hundreds of dollars for the "surgery" I had....funny I thought the doctor called them stitches when she was putting my face back together. Hospital bills? aint no need for that, my insurance handles that...or so I thought. Anyway. Eventually my name is called, I walk through some doors so I can wait some more in a new seat before getting an X-Ray. I get one, eventually, and then eventually the doc has a look. As she looked over my X-Rays I asked what the deal with this swine flu was and is everyone just paranoid? Yes, she told me and that they havent seen a single case at the hospital (Beth Israel). Oh my paranoid New Yorkers I love thee. Maybe the swine flu is some conspiracy connected to the Mexican drug wars and an attempt to cut off ties to Mexico and fed to the Fox News types who have spun this into a spiraling out of control case of contagious fear? Hahaha. But this same doc also told me my arm wasn't broken, gave me a sling, a script for vicodin and sent me on my way. Only to get a call 3 hours later from her saying upon review it appears that, yes, in fact, my arm is broken and that I should see a specialist, thank you, goodbye, click, dial tone. Hey doc you there? Dial tone. Hmm, so then does that mean maybe everyone does have the swine flu?

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