New York Photo Festival

A selection of images from Down These Mean Streets will be up at New York Photo Festival as part of the Tierney Fellows Exhibition. The opening reception is:

Thursday May 14, 5-7pm
The Tobacco Warehouse
26 New Dock Street
Dumbo, Brooklyn

I am on the final lap of this work. Once the arm heals, one or two more cities need some walking. This project has worn me down and at times I have felt so broken down. After each trip I am not just physically exhausted, but mentally and spiritually, at times I question how I can go on. It's been hard on the soul. I have never been more alone. The killers, hustlers, prostitutes, homeless, insane, addicts, the bad dreams. Before I went out each night, I stood in the mirror, looked myself in the eye, asked myself how bad I want it, then punched myself in the face repeatedly to get hype, every night was a title fight, every night alone in the streets. But I'm grinding till I die. Why haven't you taken my life yet? I got a stone where my heart should be.

"Down these mean streets must walk a man who is not himself mean, who is untarnished and unafraid"
- Raymond Chandler, "The Simple Art of Murder"