American Hero Sgt. Will Stacey, Thank You For Your Service.

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“My death did not change the world; it may be tough for you to justify its meaning at all. But there is a greater meaning to it. Perhaps I did not change the world. Perhaps there is still injustice in the world. But there will be a child who will live because men left the security they enjoyed in their home country to come to his. And this child will learn in the new schools that have been built. He will walk his streets not worried about whether or not his leader’s henchmen are going to come and kidnap him. He will grow into a fine man who will pursue every opportunity his heart could desire. He will have the gift of freedom, which I have enjoyed for so long. If my life buys the safety of a child who will one day change this world, then I know that it was all worth it."

-Sgt. Will Stacey

I can think of no greater honor or privilege in this world than to share the same name of Sgt. Will Stacey. I hope one day to be half the man you were. Your bravery, courage, honor and patriotism made the world a better place. The values and ideals you lived by and, ultimately, give your life for, are the standard that all Americans should strive to achieve and live by. People like Sgt. Stacey saw the world in the right way and realized that the world is a big place and that the greatest thing a man can do is try to make a positive change in the the world. He lived and died by his words and he gave his life to a greater cause, to doing right by those who have been wronged and that even though he was just one man, he never gave up and never gave in. The world we live in would be a better place if more people tried to just be half the man he was. Sgt. Stacey is an American hero. We need to stop letting hate, anger and fear devour us and instead look at the American heros who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom and our democracy and the values and ideals that they lived by....we could all be better people and a greater country if we strived to be like Sgt. Stacey. Despite your words Will, you in fact made a difference and the world is a better place because of you. I wish I could have shook your hand and thanked you.