The Forgotten 1%

It makes me sick to my stomach that our country is unable provide even an ounce of the infinite respect and honor that our service members so rightly deserve. Our society is too immersed in updating what it's favorite color is on Facebook to even consider for the past ten years we have sent our sons and daughters off to fight for our freedom and our democracy knowing full well that some will not return. Our country cares more about a ticker tape parade for the Super Bowl champs than a parade to honor the troops who fought so bravely and who sacrificed so much in Iraq. Instead we honor a bunch of millionaires who throw around a ball, as we turn a blind eye to the 4,400 who gave their lives in Iraq. It's a national disgrace and an embarrassment and our country should be ashamed of our selves. We are better than this. The American heros who have selflessly sacrificed their lives for our country and asked for nothing in return deserve more.